My father, Roosevelt M. Jordan, Jr. is a veteran from the Vietnam conflict.

After his honorable service to the country, he worked as an electrical engineer for the Potomac Power Company in the greater Washington, DC area and for Northern Telecom in the Raliegh-Durham area.

It was his bravery in the conflict as well as his work-hard attitude back at home that inspired me. I hope to bring that same inspiration to others by helping those like my father find jobs.

My father always said: A country is only as good as it puts its veterans in a position to succeed when they come home.

Here at Freedom Logistics and Solution Services work everyday to live by those words.

We are a service disabled veteran owned company that seeks to work with the United States government to bring private sector enthusiasm for the fulfillment of the government's needs.

Inspired by my Father...

Our Goal is to Help You

A country is only as good as it puts its veterans in a position to succeed when they come home.

As a veteran owned company we understand that the transition back into civilian life can be a source of anxiety and apprehension. We are here to assure that with Freedom, all of those concerns are addressed and we work with each contractor individual to maintain quality customer service.

Are you thinking of joining the world of government contracting?

Did you know that with a little bit of guidance, veterans and military spouses can successfully transition back into the workforce at a higher salary than their previous one! At Freedom we believe that a career isn’t just about paying the bills and supporting a family. It’s also about giving back to your community, having a sense of purpose, and making a positive impact on the lives of others.

Every veteran has a unique and valuable skill set that can help a company succeed — and we are here to put that skill set to use.

At Freedom Logistics and Solution Services, we aim to connect veterans with job opportunities where they can put their skills to use to help their local communities.